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Emiratis in US warned about Hurricane Irma

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French artist sits on eggs to hatch them

Artist Abraham Poincheval on Wednesday sat on 10 eggs to hatch them. Poincheval, who is mimicking a mother hen by incubating eggs inside a glass vivarium using his body heat, estimates the process will take 3-4 weeks. Wrapped in an insulating blanket, he is eating food aimed at increasing body temperature and using a box beneath him to relieve himself. Poincheval says he seeks to explore varying concepts of time for different species and natural objects in his performances. The best way to understand objects is not from a distance but by entering them, he says. Last month, he spent a week in a body-shaped slot carved out from a limestone rock in the same contemporary art museum in Paris, eating stewed fruit, soups and purees. Before that, he had spent a fortnight living inside a hollowed-out bear sculpture in Paris's Museum of Hunting and Nature in April 2014, eating worms